Everly Plex Appbox (2 Screens) (Amsterdam)

Everly Plex Appbox (2 Screens) (Amsterdam)

An appbox is a private Plex server owned by the customer/buyer allowing them to do anything that a server owner can do, as well as having their own dedicated resources.


View "Features". Appboxes come with a number (listed in title) of dedicated streams over the shared streams of our Everly Plex Shares.


Content Lineup:

14,000+ Movies
1,200+ TV Shows

400+ Kids TV Shows

400+ Anime



Automated Content Requests

Invite your friends!

Change server settings!

Local content (Super fast streaming speeds, no cloud storage in use!)


To receive your product, please join the Discord and open a ticket in #open-ticket and let us know what you bought and the email you used to purchase. https://discord.gg/7xk8CC8


    We do not give out refunds in any way.  If you are dissatisfied with a product, please let a staff member know, inside the Discord.

Price Options
Everly Appbox
$15.00monthly/ auto-renew

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